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Our software provides a complete set of front, middle and back office components to effectively manage the complete marketing life cycle for Exploration and Production (E&P) companies marketing natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGLs), crude oil, crude-oil products, and other energy-related products.

With a workflow strategically designed to match the contractual obligations for Oil & Gas Producers and similar E&Ps, our software easily handles upfront processes such as the loading of production data for estimating available sales, nominations, and gas balancing.

As the systematic workflow continues, customers can easily administer functions such as the product marketing (buys/sells), transactional confirmations, transportation contracts, credit (automatic credit reports and “exceed” notifications) and risk management (daily exposures and marked-to-market positions), in addition to, providing robust invoicing and reporting capabilities; our ETRM solution is truly a one-stop repository for all enterprise trading and risk management (ETRM) related data.


Our software is the perfect fit for any energy-marketing company with purchase and resale activities. The (STP) Straight-Through-Process, from trade capture to settlement and invoicing, is capable of generating all of the necessary contracts and provides additional functionalities for administering volume management (location imbalances and netback comparisons), nominations, contractual obligations, invoicing and credit/risk management, and all aspects of the energy-trading life cycle.

Furthermore, our software offers a secure and robust control for role-based user privileges with full-audit capabilities allowing for trader and back-office separation. Additionally, once the data is in the Ignite system, it can easily be exported using tools such as MS Excel for additional analysis or account charting.


Rather than rely on the confirmations, invoices and other associated contracts from outside counterparties, utilities can leverage Ignite’s framework to generate and manage their own confirmations, marked-to-market reports, and volume balancing activities. Storage activities, in addition to, forward price calculations, can also be administered and tracked to determine potential impacts of derivatives and for accurately calculating Profit and Loss (P&L).

Additionally, the ability to download additional obligations and pricing is easily obtained for rate reviews by Utility commissions or regulators. Moreover, with our software’s secure and robust control for role-based user privileges, access to trade details can be restricted to Managers or Administrators.


Natural gas, crude oil and energy-specific End-Users can utilize the Ignite system for the administration and general warehousing and repository of all contractual commitments, volume management and price controls. Our software provides management with the assurance that their purchase activities are being properly administered and any differences between an outside counterparty’s invoices or volume statements can be quickly discovered and handled promptly. Additionally, storage accounts, price histories and pricing forecasts all provide End Users with a useful tool to keep their commodities costs in check.